Announcing the Open Knowledge Public Lecture Tour featuring Dr. Rufus Pollock founder of the Open Knowledge Foundation

Your local OKFN Ambassadors and working group are very pleased to invite you to attend, one of five public lectures that Dr. Rufus Pollock** will be giving during a short lecture tour throughout Australia about open knowledge and open data.

We’ve named this tour “The Open Knowledge Down Under” tour and encourage you to talk about this tour openly via the #OKFNau tag.

Free tickets for the events are available via eventbrite – see below. This tour is sponsored by the Mark Shuttleworth Foundation, OKFN Australia local chapter & GovHack via NiCTA. Many thanks to Cloud Earth for sponsoring the Sydney event and many thanks to QUT & Creative Commons Australia for sponsoring the Brisbane events!

The objectives of this open knowledge tour include:

  • Talk to government representatives about the idea of ‘open knowledge’ especially ‘open data’, ‘data journalism’ & other ‘open’ events and efforts.

  • Launch the official OKFN Australian chapter.  GovHack+OKFN = #Community!

  • Appoint local OKFN volunteer ambassadors in cities across Australia, including an OKFN-au workplan and volunteer drive. #Leadership

  • Establish a senior advisory committee for an ‘OKCon Asia Pacific’ (NB – OKCon in the Northern Hemisphere is in its 3rd year and will have over 1500+ people in attendance at the Geneva conference this year). #OKCon #AsiaPacific

Aim of this tour: Open Knowledge Empowers – it empowers people to participate in their society; it empowers citizens to understand research; it empowers people to explore their culture; it empowers communities to be inspired by one another and it empowers people to connect.  Empower your open knowledge community today!

Tour Details

Public events in Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne!

Mon 26th August (Sydney)

  • 6:00 – 7:30pm – Evening lecture at Sydney University: Dr Pollock public lecture on Open Data at Eastern Avenue Auditorium, will include a short showcase of Sydney GovHack 2013 winners – RSVP at

Tue 27th August (Sydney)

  • 5:30 – 8:00pm – Evening: OKFN Discussion at the Open Research monthly meeting, including announcement of OKFN Ambassadors for Sydney.  – RSVP at

Wed 28th August (Canberra)

  • Morning: Various meetings with Federal Government folk
  • 12:00 – 2:00pm – A Gov 2.0 lunchtime lecture about open data for government, and announcement of OKFN Ambassadors for Canberra!  – RSVP at

Thur 29th August (Adelaide)

Fri 30th – Sat 31st August (Brisbane)

Mon 2nd September (Melbourne)

  • ‘GovHack Showcase Victoria’ – winners and exemplars of the GovHack event from Melbourne (including announcement of OKFN Ambassadors for Victoria!)

  • Public Lecture at the University of Melbourne: “Open Data: the Key to Melbourne’s reign as the Most Livable City in the World.”  – RSVP at

  • Drinks reception and official relaunch of OKFN Australia ( with Dr. Rufus Pollock, Pia Waugh and NICTA

For further information please see the OKF eventbrite RSS calendar feed for further OKFN events in Australia, or to the OKFN-au blog or follow our twitter handle.

** Dr. Rufus Pollock graduated from Cambridge University as a Mead fellow in Economics (after graduating with a distinction in mathematics).  Rufus is a well regarded economist because of his scholarly and advisory work on open data and open knowledge economies.  Rufus co-founded the Open Knowledge Foundation in 2004 and personally wrote the first lines of code for the CKAN data system (Rufus is also an accomplished programmer).  Rufus has sat on several government advisory panels including the British Prime Minister’s appointed Public Sector Transparency Board. This involved working with Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who credited Rufus with starting the ‘Raw Data Now’ meme[1].  Currently, Rufus is a Shuttleworth fellow and is helping to expand the Open Knowledge Foundation expand worldwide, of which over 50+ chapters have formed including our Asia-Pacific neighbors: IndiaNepalTaiwanChina, let alone the many other OKFN local groups worldwide and still growing!



Schedule – we suggest you RSVP for an event near you as tickets will go quick. We will finalise details by the end of July:

Mon 26th August (Sydney)


[1]= See Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s talk at TED where he cites Rufus’ blog post on ‘Raw Data Now

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  1. Thanks David, Hi Marcus, (long time, no hear)

    Sorry I have missed hearing about this until now. I tend to be LinkedIn focussed, am OS, and don’t use twitter (can’t keep track of conversation on a thread) or blog, so I’m just trying to figure out where I might be a bit useful. We all have our preference for tools and I’m trying to figure out how we can cover more platforms by collaborating.

    I’ll make sure that I point to from the OKNFau LI group (and few others) to this blogspace, when i see a new post, unless writers want to do link it when they post.

    I’ve got a couple of conversations happenin ( i hope) with Laura on the UK ‘s LI group (lets call it the central English speakin hub).

    This tends too be the way it works for me, so i can thread conversations, from various working groups, from lots of domains, together. OKFN is good because it addresses all the professional groups I correspond with, except the open network guys (Marcus?).

    Anyway, Have fun and my best to “my breath of fresh air” (pia).

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