Our Board

The Open Knowledge Australia Board is made up of veterans in the cause for Open Knowledge.  The board can provide press statements on behalf of the Open Knowledge Australia.  The board is beholden unto helping support Open Knowledge Australia Ambassadors, not vice versa.

The Role of Board Members

Board Members carry the risk and responsibility of Open Knowledge Australia as a not for profit incorporated foundation (Board members must be aware and declare their understanding for the risk associated with being help personally accountable alongside other Board members for the conduct of Open Knowledge Australia and its members).  Board members are responsible for monitoring the activity of all members to assure the code of conduct is being upheld.  On average, a Board members will spend 1-4 hours per month volunteering their time. Other activities which Board members must agree to participate include:

  • Participating at quarterly Board meetings.
  • Attendance and monitoring of all Open Knowledge Australia members
  • Willingness to attend International Open Knowledge events, especially in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Role of Executive Board Members

The Executive is made up of the Chairs of the Board and Board Secretariat.  It is the job of the Executive to push forward decision making and help progress the vision and mission of Open Knowledge Australia.  The Executive is held accountable by the Board; and any disagreement by the Executive should be brought to the Board for a decision.  The Executive Board and Board are responsible for the model rules, their amendment, monitoring and enforcement.  Likely activities of the Executive Board members includes:

  • Organising Board meetings
  • Making decisions and utilising the Board to make decisions (where necessary)
  • Attendance at International Open Knowledge events
  • Liaison with Open Knowledge Global including ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ and alignment with International Open Knowledge efforts.
  • Management of funds, securities and documents relating to the Board’s activities and decisions.