August Board Meeting for Open Knowledge Australia

Notes from board meeting: Intro discussion topic:<– Nick, Fiona, Flanders and questions from the board via Etherpad ODI Discussion: “activists vs economists”? Economic value of Open Data report? Economists: efficiency gains, civil info, etc. Activists: petition signing, transparency of wealthy coporations, etc. 6:03pm start welcome to August meeting 5 items of agenda – timed […]

OKF (Australia) Board Meeting

“A Season for Open Knowledge Advocacy in Australia” was kicked off last night with the first of five board meetings for the newly minted members of this years Open Knowledge Foundation Board. The next Board Meeting will be on June 25th at 6pm (Melbourne Time), the public broadcast and a public forum chat window will […]

The Buddy System

The Buddy System[1] It is important to recognise that Ambassadors come and go, there are far too many wonderful causes and reasons in the world to assume that you will only dedicate your volunteer hours to one organisation forever. Naturally, we want you all to stay as long as you like, but for the most […]

OKFN Board Meeting Sunday 1st of September 2013

Watch the full board meeting as video recorded here: Attending: Dr. Rufus Pollock, Pia Waugh, David F. Flanders, Dr Markus Buchhorn, Paul Szymkowiak, Clare Paine, Anna Gerber, Matt Didcoe, John Baxter, Fiona Tweedie, Craig Butt, Mat Todd, Georgina Taylor, Steve Bennett, Maia SSauren, Silvana Fumega, Chris Sakkas, Anna Daniel, Alex Sadleir, Richard Tubb, Steven De […]

Event GovHack – Beautiful Data

As most of you will have heard, the Australian Government’s annual ‘open data’ event (GovHack) is taking place across the country this year with prizes from $500 to $5000 on offer!  GovHack this year has recruited 8 cities including our fair city of Melbourne!  Naturally, many in the Open Knowledge community are already involved around […]

Data.Hack.Map Art Gallery (& ‘Data Carpentry’ Course)

“After doing this ‘Data Carpentry’ course module, I went back to use Google Maps for getting some directions, and I realized how much more beautiful a map can be; being taught TileMill gave me a whole new easy to use set of tools for building beautiful maps from open data.”  (Participant at #DataHack) The catalyst […]

The Final Frontiers: an A-Z of ‘open knowledge’

Open Knowledge is naturally a very difficult thing to define, especially since it is defined by a community of people whose view of Open Knowledge is naturally kaleidoscopic. When people ask me what the OKFN community in Australia does, I often refer to the mission of those aboard the Stark Trek Enterprise (being a geek […]

The Data Newsroom

4th Feb 2011. Melbourne, The Age HQ – from ‘The Data Newsroom’ event. For the first time, The Age Newspaper opened their doors to hackers** asking them to dig into three datasets not previously released to the public: (1) Political party funding data, which lists what companies donate money to which political parties. (2) A […]