Open Knowledge Australia board meeting 2016-12-07

Following are the brief minutes of our board meeting last week, as well as a link to the YouTube recording. We had some hassles with people in different video chats, but ultimately got done what we wanted to achieve, I think. These minutes are UNAPPROVED currently. Open Knowledge Australia board meeting 7 December 2016 7:30 […]

Shut up and Hack; GovHack planning

Another week of Shut up and Hack saw lots of industry at the Melbourne meet up. The night started with Ri Liu giving a short presentation about her recent trip to Colombia as a finalist in a data visualisation prize for her work on Close the Gap – if you are interested in DataVis, check […]

Open mapping tools and self-referential post-irony, together at last

Right, so, this is an upcycled information disseminator made on an open tech stack. Crowdsourced data points, yeah. Where from? The People. Us. All of us. Everyone contributed. We just, know, got together over beers and… Glenn made icons – you know Glenn, he’s got those pants, and that guy with the beard – no, […]

Melbourne open communities drinks

Drinks were so successful….We thought we might hold them again!                 Thanks for coming along everyone! That was excellent. Can’t remember the last time I heard ‘You should talk to X!’ so many times.     Watch out for notices in March – we will be holding drinks […]

Data Down Under and the CKAN Users Group

The open data train rolls on. Many states (and a territory) have data catalogues and now 3 states (SA, QLD, NSW) and the federal government ( have moved to a CKAN platform. CKAN data catalogues are exciting because they provide a way not only to find and access the data but actually utilise it. Through a […]

The Buddy System

The Buddy System[1] It is important to recognise that Ambassadors come and go, there are far too many wonderful causes and reasons in the world to assume that you will only dedicate your volunteer hours to one organisation forever. Naturally, we want you all to stay as long as you like, but for the most […]

OKFN Board Meeting Sunday 1st of September 2013

Watch the full board meeting as video recorded here: Attending: Dr. Rufus Pollock, Pia Waugh, David F. Flanders, Dr Markus Buchhorn, Paul Szymkowiak, Clare Paine, Anna Gerber, Matt Didcoe, John Baxter, Fiona Tweedie, Craig Butt, Mat Todd, Georgina Taylor, Steve Bennett, Maia SSauren, Silvana Fumega, Chris Sakkas, Anna Daniel, Alex Sadleir, Richard Tubb, Steven De […]

The Data Newsroom

4th Feb 2011. Melbourne, The Age HQ – from ‘The Data Newsroom’ event. For the first time, The Age Newspaper opened their doors to hackers** asking them to dig into three datasets not previously released to the public: (1) Political party funding data, which lists what companies donate money to which political parties. (2) A […]