Childcare at GovHack – how it was done

The Why When we started the Open Knowledge group that meets weekly in Melbourne our goal was to make it as accessible as possible. WIFI would be necessary or preferred. Week nights were probably the best option, sometime between 5pm and 9pm. Some people would like or need dinner, vegan and gluten free options would […]

Melbourne does Mapping for GovHack

The amazing host of our gathering, Olga, wrote this up about last week’s meet: On Wednesday, the 20th of May, Steve and Matt gave a great workshop of open source mapping tools available to suit all of you, mapping enthusiasts’, needs. If you have some data associated with a specific geo-location(s), this workshop would be […]

Coder Grrrlz talk to us about GovHack Municipal Data

  This week’s OK Melbourne saw Ruth, Alisha and Rosie spoke to us about the data sets that are coming out of the Cities of Melbourne, Greater Geelong and Ballarat for the upcoming GovHack. There looks to be some very rich data coming out of each of the sites, with both interesting cultural and geographical […]

Shut up and Hack; GovHack planning

Another week of Shut up and Hack saw lots of industry at the Melbourne meet up. The night started with Ri Liu giving a short presentation about her recent trip to Colombia as a finalist in a data visualisation prize for her work on Close the Gap – if you are interested in DataVis, check […]

Public Transport Victoria release data in GTFS format

This week’s Melbourne meet was very much focused on the news this week that Public Transport Victoria have met their goal of releasing the timetable data in the General Transit Feed Specification, or GTFS. GTFS was originally specified by Google but has quickly become a defacto standard across the world. PTV already provides some timetable […]

Shut up and Hack, 25 March

This week there was definitely hacking, and more than a bit of yacking. New people and regulars, were in part of the crowd. Playing with words A few weeks ago, there was a presentation on the data that has been made available by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC Registered Charities, ACNC Annual Information […]

Melbourne OK Weekly

Last night Ross Gillott from the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission joined us to explain their dataset. It was a very interesting presentation, there is so much potential in the data they have. After being separated from the ATO in 2012, the data that the ACNC was provided was scrappy and poorly kept. […]

Melbourne OK weekly

We are still finding our feet at the weekly Melbourne OKau meet ups. But after roughly two months of regular meetings it’s fair to say we have momentum and a regular turn-out of about fifteen people. OKMelb have decided on a format of sorts. Every other week, if possible, we will have a domain expert […]

Weekly Open Knowledge meetings

In late November, after experiencing both GovHack and HealthHack – annual weekend gatherings designed to bring data owners and computer imagineers together to help each other – I put forward the idea of a weekly meetup to the Melbourne team. Inspired by the Hack weekends, but disappointed as a full time worker at my own […]