Walkthrough for 2015 Global Open Data Census Updates

Last week at the Canberra meetup we were joined by Stephen Gates to discuss the Global Open Data Census. After organising a demo of the update process we’ve produced the following video to give everyone an easy to follow walkthrough on how to submit updates for this year. Please note that the deadline for updates […]

Open data & open government – a new paradigm?

Note: This is a re-post on behalf of Rosie Williams. The original post can be found at The internet is often hailed for its promise and role played in political change. Now anyone can blog or Tweet. Social media has played a major role in democratic uprisings around the world and ending political careers domestically. […]

GeoNext Hackfest launch

Tonight at Open Knowledge Melbourne we helped launch a 2 week open data hackfest leading up to the spatial conference GeoNext. The competition rewards the most innovative use of official competition APIs from Airbus Defence & Space, What 3 Words, HERE Maps, and the Victorian Government. Participants must submit a web-accessible demo by midnight on […]

Assessing government data accessibility and usability

One of the ideas that we at Open Knowledge Melbourne had as an activity for our weekly meetups was to set aside some time for people to browse the various Australian open data portals and assess the quality of the data sets they hold. The purpose for this being to make the community aware of […]

Coder Grrrlz talk to us about GovHack Municipal Data

  This week’s OK Melbourne saw Ruth, Alisha and Rosie spoke to us about the data sets that are coming out of the Cities of Melbourne, Greater Geelong and Ballarat for the upcoming GovHack. There looks to be some very rich data coming out of each of the sites, with both interesting cultural and geographical […]

Open Data and Digital Services: Foundations for a New Information Economy

If you are in Canberra on the 13th of May then please come along to hear from leading speakers covering subjects related to open data and digital Government service delivery. Learn about the foundation elements of a new information economy that is already connecting public and private sectors throughout Australia and the world. Tickets are available […]

Public Transport Victoria release data in GTFS format

This week’s Melbourne meet was very much focused on the news this week that Public Transport Victoria have met their goal of releasing the timetable data in the General Transit Feed Specification, or GTFS. GTFS was originally specified by Google but has quickly become a defacto standard across the world. PTV already provides some timetable […]

Shut up and Hack, 25 March

This week there was definitely hacking, and more than a bit of yacking. New people and regulars, were in part of the crowd. Playing with words A few weeks ago, there was a presentation on the data that has been made available by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC Registered Charities, ACNC Annual Information […]

Giselle Sperber, Code for America Fellow

Tonight we heard from Giselle Sperber, 2014 Code for America fellow who’s finishing up a brief stint with the Victorian Government. Code for America is a pretty remarkable non-profit expanding across the US, and now the world. The model pairs teams of three (usually a designer, a front-end developer, and a database/back end developer) with […]