A slow, considered start to 2017

There have been a few changes happening over the past two years with the Open Knowledge Melbourne meetup. Some of the founding members have stepped back and stepped away from their roles as organisers; some of our members have stepped into organising roles. And, we have been slack in keeping up with this blog (sorry!). […]

Open Knowledge Australia board meeting 2016-12-07

Following are the brief minutes of our board meeting last week, as well as a link to the YouTube recording. We had some hassles with people in different video chats, but ultimately got done what we wanted to achieve, I think. These minutes are UNAPPROVED currently. Open Knowledge Australia board meeting 7 December 2016 7:30 […]

Melbourne Shut Up and Hack Night

This weeks OK Melbourne Meetup saw a dozen or so attendees working on various Open Knowledge related projects, products and ideas. Matt and Ling made an enthusiastic start on collecting attributes of current datasets to gauge machine-readability and bulk accessibility as a resource for the community.  The plan is to extend this to get […]

Assessing government data accessibility and usability

One of the ideas that we at Open Knowledge Melbourne had as an activity for our weekly meetups was to set aside some time for people to browse the various Australian open data portals and assess the quality of the data sets they hold. The purpose for this being to make the community aware of […]

Open Economy – Scott Ludlam

Tonight at Open Knowledge Melbourne Greens Senator Scott Ludlam came to present Open Economy (more info), a visualisation tool for budget data. The site allows you to drill down into data from the Australian budget to see where money was spent, as well as load data from other sources (e.g. BHP, or Rio Tinto) and […]