Open Knowledge Australia board meeting 2016-12-07

Following are the brief minutes of our board meeting last week, as well as a link to the YouTube recording. We had some hassles with people in different video chats, but ultimately got done what we wanted to achieve, I think.

These minutes are UNAPPROVED currently.

Open Knowledge Australia board meeting

7 December 2016 7:30 pm EDST

Present: Matthew Cengia, Fiona Tweedie, Rosie Williams, Helen Ensikat, Ann-Marie Elias, Nicholas Gruen, Markus Buchhorn

  1. Welcome
  2. Report on Open Knowledge Melbourne (Matt Cengia)
    1. Going well; weekly meetups etc. only support necessary is release of funds for weekly meetups.
  3. Report on Health Hack 2016 (TBC)
    1. Follow up with Mike Imelfort about HH financials, especially Sydney expenses
  4. Financial status
    1. Markus has asked Steven for a ‘full year’ version of the reports
  5. Grant Application process
  6. Tax concession charity registration
    1. Yes investigate further, FT to look at the forms
  7. Board composition
    1. FT resigning, nominates Matt Cengia
    2. Rosie Williams replacing Alysha Thomas
  8. Any other business
    1. Zoe Piper at Data 61 to offer advice and support
  9. Close

Ginny, Markus and Nic are all in a hangout – on our own???

Original link to agenda/minutes is here.

The YouTube recording is below.

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