“If ‘knowledge’ is power, ‘open knowledge’ is empowerment…” (Dr. Rufus Pollock, Founder of the Open Knowledge Foundation).

‘Open Knowledge Australia’ is a community volunteer driven initiative which every concerned citizen should support regardless of political affiliation.

“Open Knowledge Australia is like an upside-down umbrella, supporting and empowering the myriad of communities across Australia who believe in open knowledge (Pia Waugh, Founder of GovHack).

Open Knowledge Australia is part of the global Open Knowledge network, established in the UK by Dr. Rufus Pollock.

What is Open Knowledge Australia?  We bring together people who believe the world is a better place when we share our data, information and knowledge in the open, making us all wiser in our everyday interaction as open communities.

“The Open Knowledge Foundation is dedicated to promoting the creation, sharing and application of Open Knowledge in the Digital Age”. (The Board of Open Knowledge).

So what are you waiting for?  See how you can get involved today!  Tweet us @OKFNau!  Tell us what you want to do and how you want to change the world with Open Knowledge!

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Open Knowledge Australia Board Meeting 28 July

Minutes will also be posted here once they are approved.  

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Collected sessions on Open Data and Digital Services: Foundations for a New Information Economy

On 13 May Open Knowledge Australia held an event in Canberra on the subject of open data and digital services. A collection of session recordings are provided below. Above – Nicholas Gruen: Chair of Open Knowledge Australia Above- Pia Waugh: Director of Analytics and Discovery Layer, Digital Transformation Office   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bK6fyjqWaEA Above – Maree Adshead: CEO, […]

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Coder Grrrlz talk to us about GovHack Municipal Data

  This week’s OK Melbourne saw Ruth, Alisha and Rosie spoke to us about the data sets that are coming out of the Cities of Melbourne, Greater Geelong and Ballarat for the upcoming GovHack. There looks to be some very rich data coming out of each of the sites, with both interesting cultural and geographical […]

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Open Data and Digital Services: Foundations for a New Information Economy

If you are in Canberra on the 13th of May then please come along to hear from leading speakers covering subjects related to open data and digital Government service delivery. Learn about the foundation elements of a new information economy that is already connecting public and private sectors throughout Australia and the world. Tickets are available […]

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