“If ‘knowledge’ is power, ‘open knowledge’ is empowerment…” (Dr. Rufus Pollock, Founder of the Open Knowledge Foundation).

‘Open Knowledge Australia’ is a community volunteer driven initiative which every concerned citizen should support regardless of political affiliation.

“Open Knowledge Australia is like an upside-down umbrella, supporting and empowering the myriad of communities across Australia who believe in open knowledge (Pia Waugh, Founder of GovHack).

Open Knowledge Australia is part of the global Open Knowledge network, established in the UK by Dr. Rufus Pollock.

What is Open Knowledge Australia?  We bring together people who believe the world is a better place when we share our data, information and knowledge in the open, making us all wiser in our everyday interaction as open communities.

“The Open Knowledge Foundation is dedicated to promoting the creation, sharing and application of Open Knowledge in the Digital Age”. (The Board of Open Knowledge).

So what are you waiting for?  See how you can get involved today!  Tweet us @OKFNau!  Tell us what you want to do and how you want to change the world with Open Knowledge!

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Exploring Trove

This week the Melbourne meetup was fortunate to be joined (virtually) by Dr Tim Sherratt (@wragge), who shared with us some of his vast knowledge of Trove. Hanging out, waiting to join the @OKFNau meet up in Melbourne. If the technology behaves… — Tim Sherratt (@wragge) April 8, 2015 Dr Sherratt is a self-described digital […]

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OKAU Board nominations

As discussed in the recent Board meeting there was an action for me to post on the process for rotating new people in through the OKAU Board. My suggestion was that two people each 3 month period would be obliged to vacate their their position. At this time any other nominations would be received for the […]

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Board Meeting – 31 March 2015

BOARD MEETING Tuesday 31 March 2015 11.00AM – 12.00PM Location: Google hangouts Attendees: Nicholas Gruen (Chairman) Dr. Fiona Tweedie (Co-Chair) Dr. Maia Sauren (Co-Chair) Ana Mihov-Nicotodis (Co-Secretary) Steven De Costa (Board Member) Anne Cregan-Wolfe (Board Member) Michael Phillips (Board Member) Apologies: James Kliemt (Board Member) David Flanders (Co-Secretary) AGENDA Welcome from the Chair Apologies Changes […]

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How much Gov would a GovHack hack if a GovHack could hack Gov

I think the correct answer is that a GovHack would hack so much Gov they wouldn’t know how much Gov they hacked. Although the 2014 GovHack the annual report attempts to cover the answer in a little more detail. The answer for 2015 will come to light on the weekend of 3 July and the National GovHack […]

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